Five Books You Might Have Missed

Ahh! I can't believe I took two whole months off from blogging! It's been a crazy two months for sure, involving moving and family and writing and preschool beginnings. But I've missed you guys!

Over the summer we did lots and lots and lots of reading. There are so many wonderful children's books, and it is easy to know absolutely nothing about the ones that came out when you didn't have littles at home! Since I usually review new books, I wanted to make sure to dedicate a post or two to some of the older standouts we recently discovered that may have gone under the radar! Here are the first five. Enjoy!

Cloudette (2011)
Tom Lichtenheld
IndieBound | Amazon
Tom Lichtenheld, illustrator of wildly popular books like Good Night, Good Night Construction Site and Stick and Stone, also has several author-illustrator books under his belt. This adorable one, about a cloud who is too small to do much of anything, is definitely worth the read.

I Had a Favorite Dress (2011)
Boni Ashburn (Author), Julia Denos (Illustrator)
IndieBound | Amazon
If you've ever known a little girl who wants to wear her same favorite dress day-in and day-out, then this is a read for you! This little girl's crafty mother helps her convert her favorite dress into new things each time they become too small or otherwise impractical (tank tops aren't allowed at school). "Snip, snip, sew, sew!"

Take Away the A (2014)
Michael Escoffier (Author), Kris Di Giacomo (Illustrator)
IndieBound | Amazon
A great way to introduce word play in an imaginative alphabet book. Though some of the complexity might be lost on younger readers, they'll still love the beautiful illustrations as they make their way through the alphabet (my favorite is "I," when stairs become stars). Older readers will have a lot of fun deciphering what words will become with missing letters. And don't forget to look for the mouse!

Whopper Cake (2007)
Karma Wilson (Author), Will Hillenbrand (Illustrator)
IndieBound | Amazon  
Rhyme done right. Wilson's rhyme uses clever word pairings and never misses a beat: "Today is Grandma's birthday/and Granddad has an itchin'/to bake a whopper chocolate cake/and traumatize the kitchen." And the fun doesn't end with the can even bake your own whopper cake with the included recipe!

Ben Draws Trouble (2015)
Matt Davies
IndieBound | Amazon
The sequel to the also popular Ben Rides On, Davies' Ben Draws Trouble features a little boy who can't quite focus on what he's supposed to, as he is always lost in his drawings...until a teacher takes notice of his skills and helps channel his talents.

Happy reading! 

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