The Truth About Magic (or, Rhinoceroses, Chewing Gum and Soap)

3 Word Challenge: Unicorn, Bubbles, Rainbow
Challenge words selected by Maimie P.

They say that true magic
exists only in-between –
the places between worlds,
the places rarely seen.

When one audacious fairy
dared to question truth,
the others wrote her off,
blaming innocence and youth.

But Fē knew for certain
magic always finds a way,
to live in the “real world,”
to blossom every day.

She made a list of wonders
that magic surely made,

What We're Reading This Week: January 29, 2020

A selection of what we are reading at our house this week: 

If I Was the Sunshine by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long
Chester by Melanie Watt
The Inn Between by Marina Cohen
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein
Rosie by Anne Lamott

Happy reading!

The Space Between

3 Word Challenge: Cancer, Children, Understand(ing)
Challenge words selected by Isabel

The dragon-slayer,
with an imaginary sword,
befriends the friendless,
listens without speaking,
stands up.
For those in distress,
for injustice,
for herself.
A bully doesn’t define her.

The superhero,
with an invisible cape,
thinks about his future,
plots and plans,
forges on.
Toward the fight ahead,
toward his someday partner,

Holiday Books + Gift Ideas, 2019 Picture Book and Middle Grade Edition

Need some holiday gifting inspiration? Books are, of course, one of my favorite go-to gifts. 
But for those times in your life when a book on its own won't do, I've put together twelve themed book/gift combos that will knock their socks off!

Please note: While you'll find links to the books and gifts listed below, none are affiliate links, and these aren't guaranteed to be the best deals/lowest prices as pricing shifts over time.


Go, Girls, Go! (Frances Gilbert and Allison Black) + Barbie Dreamplane Playset