The Truth About Magic (or, Rhinoceroses, Chewing Gum and Soap)

3 Word Challenge: Unicorn, Bubbles, Rainbow
Challenge words selected by Maimie P.

They say that true magic
exists only in-between –
the places between worlds,
the places rarely seen.

When one audacious fairy
dared to question truth,
the others wrote her off,
blaming innocence and youth.

But Fē knew for certain
magic always finds a way,
to live in the “real world,”
to blossom every day.

She made a list of wonders
that magic surely made,
then set off to find them,
brave and unafraid.

Fē searched for unicorns –
the first item on her list.
When she got to Africa,
she found they still exist.

The unicorns she found
were rounder and less sprightly;
but Fē knew that their hearts
sparkled just as brightly.

Bubbles were too easy –
Fē even saw machines!
But nothing quite prepared her
for the bubbles up in Queens.

These weren’t fine and glossy;
they weren’t iridescent.
These bubbles smelled of berries,
and were shockingly fluorescent!

Today was sort of cloudy,
without a drop of rain,
Yet despite this tiny fact
Fē found rainbows in a drain.

In a drip of sudsy film
Fē found this great surprise,
and learned a little secret:
Rainbows don’t need skies.

As Fē watched the rainbow
swirl and whirl and twist,
she reveled in the knowledge:
Magic will persist.

About 3 Word Challenges
I encourage every reader to submit three words to me which I will then craft into a poem, short story or story snippet. Please keep the words clean - this is a site about books and writing for kids, after all! Please also keep in mind that since the goal with these pieces is to connect the words in fresh and creative ways (quickly), I won't always meet your expectations completely. With only three words to go on, we might have a very different vision. I hope that you like what I write, but if you don't, feel free to contact me, or give it another go with three different words!