Peace Cake

From up on the shelf
she pulled down a jar,
black as the night
yet bright as the stars.
She took just a sprinkle,
the tiniest bit,
for more Hope than that
would simply not fit.

Next came some Laughter,
mirthful and merry,
from a bumpy glass jar,
the color of cherries.
Somewhat contagious,
and plentifully sweet,
occasionally tart,
but still quite a treat.

The next jar she took
from off of the shelf
was bubbly and plump,
quite like herself.
A dash of Morale
to lift up the spirit...
well, maybe two dashes,
no reason to fear it.

A smidgeon of Luck
(just a scintilla),
she added to flour,
eggs and vanilla.
She poured in Love,
sparkly and pink,
almost like glitter,
just like you’d think.

She sprinkled and dabbled,
she sifted and mixed.
She hoped that it wasn’t
too late to be fixed.
She stirred it all up,
and set it to bake,
then waited and waited
to taste her peace cake.

3 Word Challenge: Mirthful, Contagious, Spirit
Challenge words selected by Keyosha Atwater

About 3 Word Challenges
I encourage every reader to submit three words to me which I will then craft into a poem, short story or story snippet. Please keep the words clean - this is a site about books and writing for kids, after all! Please also keep in mind that since the goal with these pieces is to connect the words in fresh and creative ways (quickly), I won't always meet your expectations completely. With only three words to go on, we might have a very different vision. I hope that you like what I write, but if you don't, feel free to contact me, or give it another go with three different words!

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  1. Wow Eileen, this is an awesome poem and I can't wait to read it to my sweethearts in the morning! Thank you so much! Key