The Space Between

3 Word Challenge: Cancer, Children, Understand(ing)
Challenge words selected by Isabel

The dragon-slayer,
with an imaginary sword,
befriends the friendless,
listens without speaking,
stands up.
For those in distress,
for injustice,
for herself.
A bully doesn’t define her.

The superhero,
with an invisible cape,
thinks about his future,
plots and plans,
forges on.
Toward the fight ahead,
toward his someday partner,

toward his dreams.
Cancer doesn’t define him.

The warrier,
with a powerful voice,
defends the defenseless,
leads with her actions,
speaks out.
About the environment,
about gun violence,
about our future.
Youth doesn’t define her.

Battles are fought –
and won –
every day.
Battles that seem
too scary to talk about,
too sad to address,
too hard to understand.

Children know
better than those
fully grown –
the battle itself
does not define us.

The space between 
The ways we choose
to live.
And learn.
And love.
And grow.

This is what defines us.

About 3 Word Challenges
I encourage every reader to submit three words to me which I will then craft into a poem, short story or story snippet. Please keep the words clean - this is a site about books and writing for kids, after all! Please also keep in mind that since the goal with these pieces is to connect the words in fresh and creative ways (quickly), I won't always meet your expectations completely. With only three words to go on, we might have a very different vision. I hope that you like what I write, but if you don't, feel free to contact me, or give it another go with three different words!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Your vision makes me pause and think, but also rise up in strength.