The Well Read Guess is BACK (and BETTER THAN EVER)!

Some of you may remember my weekly picture book contest from last year. When summer came around, I kind of...sort of...gave it up. But recently I got a couple of comments that I should start it back up, and I think that is a fantastic idea! 

But to bring it back, I think it needs to be even BETTER than before. So this time around, the prizes will be WEEKLY prizes. That's right y'all! WEEKLY giveaways. From now through March 3, 2017, the Well Read Guess will feature WEEKLY giveaways!

What will the giveaway be? A copy of the featured picture book!

Similar to last year, I'll post quotes from 2 picture books - a new(er) picture book (from late 2016 to present) and an older/classic picture book - each week. 

Be the first to identify a quote (by Friday at noon, central time), and earn an entry into the WEEKLY monthly giveaway! Identify both the book and the author for a quote, and you'll get two entries. Identify both for both quotes, get four entries.

Don't know the quote? 
No problem (but don't forget to check Twitter and/or Facebook for clues)...
Try one of these other ways to get entered each week!
  • Be the first to identify the book and/or author
  • Share the Well Read Guess post on Facebook or Twitter (be sure to tag me or I won't know!)
  • Sign up to follow me via email (on the sidebar or at the bottom of this post). Subscribers are automatically entered into EVERY contest!
  • Leave me a comment below with the name of your favorite NEW picture book (published on or after September 1, 2016).

Are you guys ready to start playing? HERE WE GO! 

Quote #1: THE MESSY BOOK by Maudie Powell-Tuck and Richard Smythe
"Eww. I'm wet. And now the mess is soggy. Please, please, PLEASE can we clean it up? Hello, penguin hat."

Quote #2: JUST A MESS by Mercer Meyer

"First, I put a few things in the closet. I put my clothes in the drawers. I straightened up my games." ..."Everything was just about perfect."

(Well Read Guesses end FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017 at NOON CENTRAL TIME are closed)
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