Ode to an Aphid

3 Word Challenge: Purple, Bear, Ladybug
Challenge words selected by Emma
(Emma! I hope you see this - your email was returned!)

My favorite ones are green –
sweet and effervescent.
Yellows are quite yummy, too,
but some are too fluorescent.
Brown remind me of the earth,
crunchy when they’re ripe.
Pink I simply cannot bear
I don’t get all the hype.

They only serve those pink ones
under purple passion flowers,
I guess I’m just not trendy;
I think they’re kind of sour.
The white and black and gray ones
are really pretty key
in the standard daily diet
of a ladybug like me.  

If you’re looking for your dinner,
I might have a few thoughts,
Especially if you’re red,
with little black spots.
No matter how you serve them,
it’s pretty plain to see,
I really do love aphids

…but they’re not so fond of me.

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