How to Go Batty...bat themed books you might have missed!

In honor of my bat-loving daughter, our recent "research" trip to see the bats of Austin (the largest Mexican free-tailed urban bat colony in North America) for my latest picture book draft, and the upcoming batty holiday (Thanksgiving, #amiright...), I am dedicating this post to all things BAT!

First, just take a look at this cutie! I only wish I had gotten a better shot with her stuffed bat in hand! Mad props to our tour captain (Laura Soto with Lone Star Riverboat!) and the lovely, patient people sitting in the row in front of us.

Even though our bat viewing was limited since they didn't come out until after it was pretty dark, the tour was funny and informative. We learned which Austin building was designed to look like a Rice University Owl, that Willie is still more popular than Stevie Ray, and that you can take the cowboy out of Austin, but not the USB stick, along with lots of facts about bats (you'll have to wait for my unwritten, uncontracted, unpublished bat book for me to divulge THOSE)!

But, if you don't want to wait 2-200 years for MY bat themed picture book (or take a tour with Lone Star Riverboats, where you, too, will learn the bat facts) here are some bat themed books you might have missed!

Bat Loves the Night
Nicola Davies, Sarah Fox-Davies

A non-fiction selection by one of my favorite non-fiction writers, Nicola Davies. Seriously, she is FANTASTIC. If you haven't checked her out, grab Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes, too!

Bats Around the Clock
Kathi Appelt, Melissa Sweet

A fun way to learn about telling time with Batstand host Click Dark! Also check out Bat Jamboree and Bats on Parade!

Bats at the Beach
Brian Lies

A perfectly-timed, rhyming adventure at the beach. If beach trips aren't your thing, try Bats at the BallgameBats at the Library, or Bats in the Band.

Ari Berk, Loren Long

A wonderful tale about finding independence and confidence in yourself. Loren Long's illustrations knock this one out of the park.

Jannell Cannon

A story about friendship and being who you really are with beautiful, lifelike illustrations.

Baby Bat's Lullaby
Jacquelyn Mitchard, Julia Noonan

As the name implies, this one is a poetic lullaby, good for bedtime and younger readers.

Happy reading! And don't forget: it isn't too late to enter the current giveaways! You have until September 30, 2016 to be entered to win a copy of Emily Arrow's Storytime Singalong, Vol 1 or you can donate books here to potentially be an instant-winner of an Amazon gift card!

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