The Turtle's Twist

3 Word Challenge: Hippie, Disco, Turtle
Challenge words selected by H. K.

A hippie turtle, at the disco,
in dusty, sleepy downtown Frisco
boogied hard as night wore on,
nearly ‘til the break of dawn.
He did the Penguin, and the Boogaloo,
He did the Robot and the Hustle, too.
He caught the eye of a contest judge,
who gave her helper a little nudge.
“I MUST know who that turtle is!
He’s a sensation! A star! A whiz!”
Off she went to find out more,
stepping out onto the floor.
“I’ll bring you money! Fortune! Fame!
Tell me turtle – what IS your name?”

“You might be right that you’re my chance
To show the world my turtle dance.
But I don’t want fortune or fame,
or everyone to know my name.
There’s not much in this world I need,
(we turtles are a lucky breed).
But I’d be happy as can be
to just have someone dance with me!”
The contest judge could not resist
a tiny bump, a little twist.
They danced together through the night
and turtle knew that he was right.
He didn’t need fame or gold –
just another hand to hold.

About 3 Word Challenges
I encourage every reader to submit three words to me which I will then craft into a poem, short story or story snippet. Please keep the words clean - this is a site about books and writing for kids, after all! Please also keep in mind that since the goal with these pieces is to connect the words in fresh and creative ways (quickly), I won't always meet your expectations completely. With only three words to go on, we might have a very different vision. I hope that you like what I write, but if you don't, feel free to contact me, or give it another go with three different words!

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