The Well Read Guess (Week 1)

Each week I'll post quotes from 2 picture books - a new(er) picture book and a classic picture book. Be the first to identify a quote, and earn an entry into the current monthly giveaway! Identify both the book and the author for a quote, and you'll get two entries. Identify both for both quotes, get four entries.

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...And because I'm too excited to pick just two this week, today's post has an extra! 
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Quote #1 (Brand-Spankin'-New-Book): THE NIGHT GARDENER by the Fan Brothers
"That night he went to sleep with a sense of excitement. The following morning, William was not disappointed."

Quote #2 (Middle-of-the-Road-Newish-Book): THE INCREDIBLE BOOK EATING BOY by Oliver Jeffers
"Then after a while, and almost by accident, Henry picked up a half-eaten book from the floor. But instead of putting it in his mouth...Henry opened it up...and began to read. And it was SO good."

 Quote #3 (Classic Book): MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS by Robert McCloskey
""Yes," said Mrs. Mallard, remembering the peanuts. "That looks like just the right place to hatch ducklings.""

Good luck and happy reading!

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  1. Quote #2 Oliver Jeffers

  2. #3 is Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCLoskey. It also happens to have an anniversary edition coming out with a map by Paul O'Zelinsky.

  3. And #2 is The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers

  4. Good job, Meghan and Jon! #1 is still open...any guesses? Check my Facebook/Twitter pages for clues...

  5. Ok,fine #1 is The Night Gardener by Terry and Eric Fan.

  6. Ok,fine #1 is The Night Gardener by Terry and Eric Fan.