The Valiant Path

3 Word Challenge: Ice Princess, Snow Castle, Moon Catcher 
Challenge words (all 6) selected by H. Kostka

If you travel far enough,
beyond where narwhals play,
you’ll see the waters change
to a silver shade of gray.
You might find the entrance
to a cave of inky blue –
and if you wait ‘til nightfall,
may discover the way through.
They say that the enchantment
at the mouth of the cave
keeps the route concealed to all,
but the valiant and the brave.

Many years ago,
when the path was not obscured,
the Ice Kingdom just beyond
was wholly unsecured.
A Moon Catcher stole the moon,
with plans to rule the realm.
They battled for Snow Castle,
their Ice Princess at the helm.
When the land was safe once more,
a council was convoked;
No one knew quite what to do
until an old man spoke.

The man was a sorcerer;
he crafted spells and charms,
and he could use his magic
to keep them safe from harm.
Using an old cloaking spell,
beginning with the cave,
he only allowed entry
to the bravest of the brave:
If twelve stars are seen below
while the golden moon is high,
the valiant shall gain entry,
though the others be denied. 

**Send me any three (clean!) words, and I'll create a poem, short story or snippet with your words!**

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