3 Word Challenge: Mist, Friends, Flower
Challenge words selected by L. Quaife

You rambled,
down winding paths,
as the sun shone brightly.
Flowers rustled as breezes blew,
petals and grass conversed with leaves.
Suddenly skies changed, becoming nearly black.
Rain came down in torrents as fog rolled in to play.
The storm raged stronger; listened to secrets and fears.
Don’t forget yourself as you struggle to find the way.
You are not alone, for your friends will gather near.
Together you will turn floods to dew, fog to mist.
The sun will emerge anew, chasing clouds.
You’ll find your path once more.
But as you do, remember
without the storm,
nothing thrives.

**Send me any three (clean!) words, and I'll create a poem, short story or snippet with your words!**

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