Moon Catcher

3 Word Challenge: Nadia, Sun, Moon 
Challenge words selected by H. Kostka

Nadia was a rodeo star.
Everyone knew it, near and afar.
Her trusty steed, Maple,
was no normal horse.
And her roping lasso
was golden of course.

But after so many wins
from high in her saddle,
Nadia grew bored
of wrangling cattle.
She would rope something bigger,
something quite grand.

Catching the moon
was step one in her plan.
Once she lassoed the moon,
she’d move onto the sun,
for she was quite certain
that had never been done!

**Send me any three (clean!) words, and I'll create a poem, short story or snippet with your words!**  
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  1. Love this Eileen!!
    Julian, smile, run

    1. Thanks, Katie! Your challenge response is ready to go!

  2. I love this!! So cute!!!

    Josie, laugh, shark

  3. Eileen, this is so cool!

    Mia, dance, monkey