The Apartment Building

3 Word Challenge: Friend, Expand, Apartment
Challenge words selected by Ann Daniels and her 4th grade class at Pattengill Elementary

We live in the upper corner
of an apartment building.
4E on the door.
Mama says it’s home.
I say it’s a palace.

Step outside into my garden.
See how the sunlight sparkles
on row after row
of windows,
brighter than snow?

If you went out on the rooftop
you could survey the land,
stretching as far –
as wide –
as the greatest of lakes.

I like to walk up and down
the grand staircase,
waving to my subjects.
Mama says not to dawdle.
“Princesses don’t dawdle,” I say.

Jaydon lives here, too.
He always waves back.
But this is MY castle.
It doesn’t need a knight.
It doesn’t need a king.

He shrugs his shoulders.
“Cool,” he says.
“Could it use a dragon?”
His eyes smile,
even when his mouth doesn’t.  

For weeks we play,
all day, sunup to sundown.
Time grows shorter 
as autumn comes,
as leaves and defenses fall away.

Our building isn’t just a palace.
We had to expand.
It’s a Viking ship, and an airplane factory,
a school for neglected monsters.
But that’s not important.

Most of all,
it’s where my friend lives.

About 3 Word Challenges
I encourage every reader to submit three words to me which I will then craft into a poem, short story or story snippet. Please keep the words clean - this is a site about books and writing for kids, after all! Please also keep in mind that since the goal with these pieces is to connect the words in fresh and creative ways (quickly), I won't always meet your expectations completely. With only three words to go on, we might have a very different vision. I hope that you like what I write, but if you don't, feel free to contact me, or give it another go with three different words!

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